Warranty Booklet

Quba Group Warranty terms and conditions.

  1. For all the products falling under the warranty, in case of functionality complain, Quba office will approve replacement after Physical verification. Replacement will be given subjected to submission of original invoice copy.
  2. For complains which are received after the warranty time, the product needs be serviced on chargeable basis.
  1. Terms & conditions of Warranty:
  1. The warranty is applicable for the product which is manufactured / supplied by Quba. If manufacturing defects occurs within the duration of warranty period, such defective part will be repaired or replaced by Quba at its sole discretion.
  2. In case of repair or replacement is carried out, the period of warranty would continue from the original date of purchase. The warranty period shall not be extended in the event of repairs undertaken or replacement made.
  • Replaced part / product would be the property of company.
  1. Warranty of the product will be valid only if product installation is carried out by companies trained technician. Warranty will be null and void incase installation has been done by any third party other than the company’s technician.
  2. In case technician is required to visit the place of installation / service, request to be registered on toll free number -18004193330 (24/7 customer care access) or Quba group website or email at service@qubaindia.com.
  3. In case of a product that requires installation, damage to the product or non-operation of the product due to effects of weather on door and frame or sag on account of loosened hinges are not covered under this warranty.
  • Only First visit will be free* where both installation and demonstration of the product would be given. If Installation & Demo is not completed by any reason beyond control of Quba group (Door polishing/Door alignment/Customer not available on site for demo etc.) the next visit will be done on chargeable basis of Rs.600 Plus applicable GST.
  • There will be additional Rs.1000as installation fee for Urgent installation (for installation within 24 hours), however visit would be scheduled basis availability of Company technician.
  1. This Warranty does not apply if the product has been used for commercial, business, industrial, educational or rental applications.
  2. Surface finish and / or shade of the product is not covered under this warranty.
  3. Corrosion warranty on the product would not be applicable under the conditions including but not limited to.
    1. Corrosion on Mild steel products.
    2. Corrosion in the products installed nearby coastal areas.
    3. Corrosion issues caused due to the use of aggressive chemicals / alkaline cleaners including sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide, ammonia, highly concentrated bleach solution and chloride compounds.
    4. Corrosion issues caused due to the use of cleaners typically used on bathroom fixtures and industrial solvents as these will damage the protective finish.
    5. Corrosion due to the use of abrasive products to apply the cleaner such as scouring pads or steel wool.
    6. Corrosion issues due to excessive moisture or dampness.
  • Warranty on the product would not be applicable under the conditions including but not limited to:
    1. Misuse/mishandling/negligence/improper installation and service by third party/tampering.
    2. Warranty is not valid for consumable items like batteries.
    3. Warranty is not valid for keys lost/broken.
    4. Warranty will be void if the type or serial number marked on the product has been altered, removed or in any manner defaced.
    5. Failure to follow instructions of use.
    6. Installation with unapproved accessories.
    7. Modifications to the product or removal / alterations of parts and component.
    8. Entry or seepage of liquids/oils/chemicals.
    9. Non-functioning of lock due to use of any other than company make or entry of foreign material in the key hole.
    10. Breakage of plastic parts.
    11. Damage due to accidents/fire/robbery/natural calamities.
    12. Damage due to harsh environment conditions.
  • Maximum liability under the warranty would be limited to the cost of the product. This warranty expressly excludes any claim for incidental or consequential damage or loss.
  • This warranty is valid in India only.
  1. This warranty is issued at Mumbai and courts at Mumbai shall have exclusive jurisdiction over matters covered or flowing from this warranty.
  • The company reserves right to amend terms and conditions without prior notice

Care and Cleaning Guidelines:

In order to have a prolonged satisfaction on QUBA Products in terms of functionality, appearance and aesthetic it is strictly advised to follow the below mentioned guidelines as any damage happening to the product due to non-compliance of below activities is not covered under warranty.

þ Ensure that product is installed correctly before usage.þ Use the appropriate tools and jigs for installation.þ Contact toll free QUBA Connect Centre for free installation guidance.þ Adhere strictly to the Instruction Leaflet provided.þ Clean regularly with a soft and dry cloth.þ Clean along the hairline finish.þ For covering products under construction, always use cloth or paper.þ Accessories provided by the company to be used only.þ Cut-outs should exactly match as per the company specifications.þ Check the product/packaging for any damage before accepting itþ Check for the correct product being delivered as per the order and requirement to avoid hassles laterþ Always check the consisting component list before installation ý Do not customize the product installation. Adhere to QUBA specifications.ý Do not tamper and/or misuse the productý Never use masking tapes to cover the products as it damages the finish and is difficult to clean.ý Do not use any type of detergent, chemical, acidic or wet substance to clean.ý Keep away from Flame.