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Unlocking the Future of Digital Access Solutions

Open doors to new possibilities with our Digital Access Solutions, which feature our hi-tech and innovation-driven locks and safes, which enable you to take complete control of your home's safety and security. Our smart Solutions provide unrivaled durability, backed by experts and experience, which offer superior service and products for your loved ones.

Uncompromising Technology. Unrivalled Security.

It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to our offices or homes. That is why we have unlocked the most dependable digital door lock technologies and solutions for you and your loved ones. The anti-hijack technology keeps you warned about suspicious activities and makes it difficult for unwanted people to break in.
5-Way access allows you to unlock the door through fingerprint, RFID Card, Password, Mobile App, and Mechanical Keys Features like emergency jump-start bring in more convenience. In case your digital lock battery drained completely, you have an option to jump-start your lock through a USB power bank or 9V battery.

Digital Door Locks by Quba
Security at your fingertips.

You decide whom to let in, how to let in and when to let in. From anywhere, anytime. Manage access rights at the tap of a button on a mobile app for you and those who really matter.

Seamless. Matchless. Limitless.

With class-leading craftsmanship and design, every lock offers you the best in technology, features and security solutions so that you can open new doors.

With You. Before And After.

Right from guiding the right product for you to installing it with a passionate after-sales service team, we're always there 24/7 at every step of the way unlocking convenience for you.



Digital Lock

Make New Ways for a Smarter Way of Life

Being smart is a conscious choice that we make in our lives. It demands from us to step up our way of thinking and doing things. As the world around us is evolving, the gadgets that we use are also becoming smart to offer extended comfort and superior security. Mechanical locks that once used to operate with just a single key now offers multiple access options by use of technology. Be it fingerprint locks access, RFID Card, Pincode entry or opening a door though a mobile app while sitting miles away, everything is becoming possible now. Locks are not just becoming smart but more intelligent to serve you in their full potential.

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Building a Safe World With Quba

At Quba, we agree with you in saying that matters of value need the highest level of protection. And we deliver on this belief by offering security solutions that are among the most secure systems available in the market.