4 Way Access Digital Glass Door Lock

360-Degree Fingerprint Scanner (upto 100)

RFID Card Access (upto 100)

Multiple Passwords (upto 100)

Mobile app (In-built Bluetooth)





Let me introduce you to the “QRYSTAL-4 Way Access Digital Glass Door Lock with Inbuilt Bluetooth.

As we are entering the new era of digital products, it is imperative for us to introduce the product, which is both advanced and elegant, with aggressive pricing.

Smart Features

Remote unlocking AlertRemote Unlocking
Voice guide 2 Voice Guide
  Privacy Mode Manual Knob
  Audit Trail (History Logs)
  Emergency Jump Start (Micro USB)
Smart Password Smart Password (6-8 digit)
Real Time Notification Real Time Push Notifications


  Hijack Alarm
  Low Battery Alarm
Wrong Password Alert Wrong Password Alert

Types of Passwords

Offline generates Dynamic password Offline generate Dynamic password
Smart Password


Rim  Lock Body  :Double Bolt Mechanism( Automatic )
Glass Door Thickness : 10-12mm
Digital Lock Battery Icon Batteries AA (4 batteries)